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Reverse Sun Damage

Summer was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately you are now noticing the subtle aging effects the sun can have on your skin. Even with the use of sunscreens, it is hard to avoid UV exposure during the summer months. Winter is the perfect time to refresh your look with the many treatment choices designed to reverse the effects of sun damage.

chemical peels, micro-needling, dermabrasion and cosmetic Botox® and fillers.   Angela Evans, Plastic Surgery Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Esthetician, says “The combination of sun exposure and dry summer heat can leave skin with a dull finish and splotchy pigmentation as well as fine lines and wrinkles.”

Skin texture and pigment problems are underestimated when it comes to adding years to your appearance, and both can be improved upon through in-office procedures and nutrient supplementation.   Resurfacing the skin can be done by a micro -needling treatment or chemical peel, which strips away the superficial skin layers.

Micro- Needling or a medium depth peel offer the best results when it comes to making an impact on the fine lines and age spots, however these procedures have more down time. A series of lighter peels has the benefit of less down time, but more subtle results. Facials, microdermabrasion or light peels should be a part of routine skin care. However, they do less to impact wrinkles and splotchy pigmentation or age spots.


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