Sick of Dieting?  ... Get Healthy First.

Weight -loss and weight gain are controlled by stress mediated hormones. Your body might have thought it was starving to death by not getting the required nutritional support it needed. Or maybe the strenuous workouts felt a lot like being chased by some wild animal. Your subconscious brain is in charge of metabolism.

The body reacts to any perceived threat to its survival with a stress reaction. Most people think of stress as an emotional or a mental reaction. But the source of stress can also be nutritional as for example not getting the required nutrients it needs; or physical such as over exercising; or environmental toxins that the body can’t effectively eliminate.


Who Can Benefit from Our Lean Therapy Rx Medical Weight Loss Programs?

  • Individuals who suffer from weight loss resistance due to a chronic stress compromised metabolism
  • Individuals who have known thyroid or adrenal issues
  • Individuals who have known insulin resistance issues.
  • With hormone imbalance issues such as, low testosterone and PCOS
  • Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post Menopause
  • Feel miserable the entire time while dieting and just want to feel energetic instead.
  • Individuals who loose weight , but have trouble keeping it off

This program teaches you how to manage nutrition, lifestyle and exercise to prevent chronic stress from wrecking your weight management goals. You will learn which hormones are triggered by both good and bad activities, so that you can effectively control your weight.


Lean Therapy Medical Weight Loss Individual

           12 weeks              $275/month

SHAPE ReClaim  and HCG Option Available

Includes Initial Health Assessment, DNA Wellness Assessment,  Metabolic Stress Typing, 4 Follow-up Consultation sessions, 4 Urinalysis tests & evaluations, Food Plan & Exercise Guide and FX3 Tools.

Lean TherapyRx Medical Weight Loss Group     

8-weeks             $110/month

* SHAPE ReClaim  and  HCG Option Available

Includes Initial Health Assessment, Metabolic Stress Typing, Food Plan & Exercise Guide.


Lean TherapyRx Medical Weight Loss  Special Event Prep



6 weeks    $ 450  HCG Option Available

Includes Initial Health Assessment with Urinalysis tests & evaluations, Metabolic Stress Typing, 2 Follow-up Consultation sessions, , Food Plan & Exercise Guide