Brain Tap System

Most people’s brain waves are operating in a high degree of Beta.  Beta is the brain’s normal reactionary state of alertness, stress and anxiety. You have probably heard that it takes 21 days to make a change. But that is not necessarily true. The part that is left out of that statement is it requires meditation and visualization techniques during those 21 days to achieve the change result.  In fact, researchers found that it took at least 18 months to make a change without meditation and visualization.  Brain wave entrainment with Brain Tap allows the nervous system to rebalance and retrain itself to end the constant operating mode of Beta.  With


We use the BrainTap system for brainwave entrainment to help rebalance brain waves or to maintain normal brainwave pattern. Stimulation from the BrainTap boosts brain levels of serotonin, beta- endorphins and norepinephrine to improve overall well-being.   It channels precise frequencies of light and sound into the brain.  T  Our Brain Tap program allows you to retrain your brain and manage stress.




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