About Us

Wellife Center

Feel Good+Look Good+Be Well

Anti-Aging Functional Medicine that combines conventional, alternative and naturopathic medicine to optimize outcomes for our patients.


Feel Good

Our focus is on your biological age...  how old you are on a cellular level. We use Brain-Based Wellness together with Functional Medicine and Nutrition to address anti-aging.

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Look Good

Our services  help you radiate the smile and youth that you were meant to always have!


Be Well

Our treatment plans consider the unique biochemistry of each individual patient in order to enable the body to regulate and be rejuvenated more quickly when life’s stresses and traumas occur.

Our Mindset


In the words of Dr Mark Hyman, “Functional Medicine is the future of conventional medicine–available now.”   We look at the challenges of aging gracefully from a Functional Medicine perspective. That means we view the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. Functional Medicine is based on the understanding that diseases and disorders often have more than one cause and those various causes combine differently in different people.

Want different health results? It starts with a different experience. We take a comprehensive approach to medical care by examining all aspects of health that could be contributing to your symptoms. We pride ourselves on building an optimized program focused on each patients needs and goals.

The individuals on our team have a specialty education and experience to help exponentially advance the health of our patients. Our team is conscientious, dependable, empathetic, empowering, and  committed to sustainable, optimal health solutions for our patients.

Our Team

Dr Norma J Curby, ND


Dr Brittany M Curby, ND


Dr Lori D Lynch,MD

Medical Director

Angela S Evans

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Theressa N Thomas

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Lemarcus McDuffie

Sr.Medical Assistant

We understand that your life goals are unique, but common to everyone is the desire to remain active, vital, and strong in order to enjoy the richness of life at every age.